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does it run IOS?

posted Jun 29, 2010, 11:34 PM by Zhu Liang
Cisco launches the Cius..barring jokes about IOS aside, wonder if it will have USB-to-RS232 for consoling, and a bunch of Cisco-made apps for plugging into CiscoWorks and other utilities network monitoring, remote management, VPN, and have it support similar 3G data networking..will they toss one in with every order over $50k of network hardware?


skyfire is finally feeling the issue? amusingly, the way it works is also exactly how opera mini works, but opera has not 1 but 3 browsers(mini, mobile and the desktop version)...


cleversafe, like a few other storage vendors, are turning to a pure software delivery/deployment method..


2 bits of news about android phones...firstly, the htc desire should get its froyo update in q3(which starts about now!)...and i hope that the chinese make more of these..http://www.clonedinchina.com/2010/06/sub-100-android-handset-caught-in-video.html