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of mediatek and the future of android, mainly.

posted Jul 18, 2010, 9:10 PM by Zhu Liang
Its taken them long enough to notice this. all the unknown little electronics makers in china are just waiting for a cheap chip to make android devices - they already make those devices except that android won't run on the platforms they're currently using. the mt6516 from mtk is already in almost every tablet(new one launched almost daily) there, but it works for up to android 1.6 only. mtk is saying their update to the chip will allow it to run the newer versions of android, and that could change things. the android phones currently from china are still made with western arm chips, which makes them not cheap, like they would be if they could use chinese/taiwanese chips.

other than mtk, theres also huawei, whose hisilicon k3 is in all of the chinese smartphones that don't use western chips. but it runs winmo only. and at less tham 500mhz, i don't expect it to work with win phone 7.

if mtk's mt6516 update arrives as advertised, there could be a whole avalanche of android phones from china, i expect.

and of course, don't rule out the likes of telechips and rockchip either. currently, the mtk and rockchip chips are still focused on media players, often allowing them to do 1080p or even better, but without much in the way for support for smartphone OSes. but if they do start paying more attention to smartphones and mids, then we could all look forward to smartphones that could compete with nokia 'dumb' phones(actually in nokia's case not so dumb, since they should be running symbian s40..) on price, i suspect..

are they for real? wooooo!