1. simply fill in our registration form and let us know how many users we should provision for you and how long you intend to subscribe to our service.
2. we will send you a Paypal bill together with our confirmation, that should come within a day.
3. change your MX records to point to our Spam Titan Service(let us know if you have any difficulties, we will help!) and its done!
4. Pricing is as follows(no. of users is calcuated as no. of email addresses being filtered) :

  1 yr subscription
 2 yr subscription
 3 yr subscription
 1-50 users
 $24/user/yr 3mths rebate 6mths rebate
 51-250 users
 $21/user/yr 3mths rebate 6mths rebate
 more than 250 users
 $18/user/yr 3mths rebate 6mths rebate

Sign up for SpamServe's anti-spam filtering service powerd by SpamTitan: